The team

We have an award-winning team, with a reputation across policing, the public sector and within the communications industry. It plays a central role in our frontline response to criminality and is responsible for developing creative and forward-thinking communication strategies which help officers find missing people, identify criminals, safeguard vulnerable people, and prevent crime. The department has significant opportunity to influence trust and confidence in all our communities, with stakeholders and with employees.

On average, we handle 4,600+ media enquiries annually; issue 1,400+ press releases, coordinate 150 social media users; manage our four corporate social media accounts; deliver over 15 proactive campaigns to change behaviours (e.g. around highlighting and reducing domestic abuse); and lead multi-agency responses to major incidents, most recently communicating during COVID-19 and keeping people safe during Storm Eunice. The team also provides support (internally and externally) in managing critical incidents, especially where there is a risk of losing the trust and confidence of our communities, like the toppling of Colston statue during a BLM protest, and the Kill the Bill riot.

With an increasingly complex internal landscape of employees, volunteers and specials delivering vital service, we believe the organisation has not kept pace with our internal needs. By developing a new Strategic Communications and Engagement Directorate, and putting employee engagement at its heart, the new Director will play a central role in working with the Chief Officer Group and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, to shape the future and bolster capacity and capability.

Avon and Somerset police  Feb  2020,